What to Do If My Computer Is Running Slow?

If you have been repeatedly experiencing page unresponsiveness and abnormally long page load durations, your computer needs fixing. A slow computer is a common problem faced by many. People automatically presume that the task of fixing a slow computer is a daunting one. However, this assumption is far from reality. With the right information, it only takes a few minutes to fix a slow computer.

Is Your Computer Running Slow? Here’s What You Can Do

Uninstall Any Programs That You Do No Use

All new computers come installed with several programs. Some of these programs are never used. The others quietly trickle into the background and keep running without your knowledge. Many times, users also download specific applications, only to test them, and then conveniently forget to delete these programs and applications. Therefore, over time, your computer becomes a safe haven for unused programs and applications that slow down your computer. To bring back your computer’s natural speed, delete all programs that you do not use.

Uninstall Heavy Programs That Slow down Your Computer

Many high-level programs and apps use a significant amount of processing power and RAM storage, even when they are not being used. The processing power and RAM storage are needed to continually update various apps and programs. Moreover, almost all computers have specific start-up programs that start running as soon as the system is switched on. These heavy and start-up programs and apps can also significantly slow down your computer. Thus, it is best to remove any such app from your computer.

Take Help from a Hard Drive

It’s a common thing: users keep storing files and data into their system until the time their system’s memory has become almost full. A full hard-drive is one of the most common reasons for a slow computer. If you are someone who works with heavy files, such as videos and images, you can benefit from periodically transferring all your relevant data to an external hard drive. These days, it’s quite easy to find a mega-storage hard drive, invest in one.

Make Sure You Are Using the Latest Version of Your Browser

One of the reasons for a slow computer could be an outdated web browser. Thus, always make sure you are using the most recent version of a browser. You can find information about the browser version under the “About” section of the browser. Many of the browsers offer the “Update Automatically” option. Activate this option, if available. Similarly, having too many add-ons and extensions can also slow down your browser and computer. Thus, delete all extensions that are unimportant or useless.

Upgrade Your RAM

RAM or Random Access Memory is the main memory of your computer. It is also the hardware that stores your computer’s operating system, data, and application programs. Not having enough RAM can lead to machines becoming slow. With inadequate RAM, computer systems begin to hang, especially while using several applications all at once. To fix a slow computer, consider upgrading the RAM. The more memory your computer has, the easier it will become for it to do things at a faster pace.

A Virus May Be the Real Culprit

A virus is any program that inhibits the proper functioning of your computer. Many viruses cause the system to slow down. If you think your computer has slowed due to a virus, immediately contact a professional who has expertise in virus protection and virus removal. It is crucial to act quickly as a computer virus can cause a system to crash completely.

Run a Disk Defragment

Disk defragment is vital as it allows the hard drive to find and access data needed to run programs and applications at a quicker pace. Most computers store data in the form of small data groups located in various places within the disk. Over time, these groups of data increase in number, which makes it difficult for a system to find a specific data set needed to run a particular application. Disk defragment enhances the efficiency of the hard drive, allowing it to find the required data sets more quickly. To run a disk defragment, click on the ‘Windows’ button and select ‘Control Panel.’ Under ‘Control Panel,’ select ‘System and Security.’ Under ‘System and Security,’ select ‘Administrative Tools.’ It is under this section that you will find the option ‘Defragment your hard drive.’

Clean Your System

To fix a slow system, clean it — not just internally but also externally. Over time, dust enters a computer through the cooling fan. This dust obstructs the airflow, causing the system to overheat. When systems overheat, their processing speed reduces significantly. Thus, periodically use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust particles obstructing the airflow.

The Final Word

It is easy to fix a slow computer. Some processes, such as cleaning the system and uninstalling programs, are easy and can be performed by all computer users. However, some processes, such as upgrading RAM and running a disk defragment, can be daunting for regular users. If that’s the case, reach out to a computer repair expert. If you are looking for a PC repair in York- PA, CTS is the name you can trust.

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